Who are we?

About Malala-Tau

Malala-Tau Tourism Services is a BEE company which was established in 2003, it became a NAFCOC member in 2004 and it is also a member of the South African Leisure and Tourism Association. Malala-Tau has been pivotal in educating local and international tourists such as Movie makers, journalists, and representatives from foreign Governments.

Malala-Tau is the leading South African travel wholesale, which caters primarily to leisure travelers based in Southern Africa, which has offices in Johannesburg.

The Company has over 8 years of expertise in providing the finest, carefully sought-after destinations. These include South Africa, Continental Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Europe, United Kingdom, Far East, and America. With our local knowledge of destinations, consumers are assured of receiving unrivalled deals, unbeatable added values and the finest qualities, to each destination as well as appealing bonus benefits which range from Prince Guarantees to convenience enhancing travel packs, and a vast, enticing array to Tour Top-Up options unique to every destination.

Apart from arrangements that are sold to individuals, specialists within the company – handle products & services requiring in-depth knowledge.

Our values


We believe in making travel accessible to all by leveraging innovative language technology and inclusive tour offerings.


We strive for excellence in every aspect of our services, from customer interactions to tour experiences, ensuring the highest standards of quality.


We embrace cutting-edge technology and continuously seek innovative ways to enhance travel experiences and overcome language barriers.


We celebrate diversity in cultures and languages, promoting understanding and unity through immersive travel experiences.


We are committed to responsible tourism practices, respecting local cultures and environments while contributing positively to communities we visit.


We prioritize our customers’ needs and preferences, delivering personalized and memorable travel experiences that exceed expectations.


Our Mission

We will be the dominant and most efficient provider of safe, reliable, and economic private transport providers in the South African Tourism industry.

Our Vision

Malala-Tau is at the forefront of a continually improving, customer-focused private transport service. We strive to ensure.


With innovation in strategy and planning, Malala-Tau can enter into new business ventures, for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Our passengers come first and therefore their safety in terms of vehicle standards and driver consistency is essential.


A wide choice of quality products for all needs, Quality information and service from experienced travel people, Awareness and understanding of our customers’ needs, Recognising the customer as our top priority & Unbeatable service delivery.

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