Taxify to expand fleet of cars in company livery more than tenfold.

The Estonian-developed taxi-hailing and rideshare platform Taxify presented brand new Toyota Corollas painted in Taxify colors on Friday which will be available to rent to drive on the company’s platform, stating that the number of such cars is slated to grow to a couple of hundred in the coming few months.

In mid-October, Taxify announced a program to begin renting cars to drivers to drive on the Taxify platform, saying that ten new projects would be put on th streets of Tallinn under the pilot project.

Tens of drivers who have wanted to join the Taxify platform have been unable to do so due to the absence of a suitable car, Taxify founder Markus Villig said in a press release. “The main problem has been the age of the vehicle, as in the Taxify system customers cannot be served with a vehicle older than 10 years,” Villig explained.

Taxify will make cars available to its drivers on a weekly basis, with the driver choosing between serving up to 70 or up to 100 orders during the week. It will also be possible to enter into an arrangement whereby the driver will eventually become the owner of the vehicle.

Car typeSedan
Max people5
Door count5
Minimum driver age40
Unlimited mileage?No

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